Prior to First Use

Rinse the inside of your kettle thoroughly, fill just below the centre seam. Boil the water and discard.

Do not be alarmed if the bottom section appears discoloured after the first use, this is due to the polishing compound which is used during the manufacturing process. Once your kettle has cooled, the area can be wiped over with a soft lint-free cloth and warm water to remove this.

Filtered Water

We recommend using filtered water in your Richmond kettle – especially in areas of hard water – not least as a care tip for your kettle, but it will also enhance the taste of your tea.

Iconic Whistle

All Richmond kettles have an iconic whistling mechanism engineered using a ball and valve assembly situated within the spout. It is perfectly normal when pouring to hear the ball rattle inside the spout.

Heating Instructions

When boiling your kettle always use a medium heat setting. With a gas stove, the flame should only heat the base of the kettle and never the sides. It must be placed central on the burner.

Copper Care

Over a period of time, the copper kettle will change colour shades and develop a patina (a green or brown film on the surface of the copper, produced by oxidation). This is a completely natural process and does not affect the water prepared in the kettle. You may polish this away if you desire. Be aware that soft characteristics of copper mean that the kettle is sensitive to scratches. Use caution if storing the kettle in a cabinet or sitting on your stove top.

Cleaning and Descaling

We highly recommend not to use abrasive cleaners on any part of your Richmond kettle. It is also important to ensure there is sufficient water before putting the kettle on the heat to prevent potential damage. Do not let your kettle boil dry, in the event that it does, allow it to cool naturally. Do not under any circumstances fill the hot kettle with cold water as this will damage the tin lining.

Should you need to descale your kettle, ensure a non-acidic de-scaler is used. NEVER put vinegar, lemon juice or any other acidic descaling solution into your kettle as this may damage the 100% pure tin lining.

Richmond Kettle Care Kit

Richmond Kettles are built to last, but with an extra bit of TLC, you can ensure they always look great and deliver a sumptuous experience time and time again. Our multi-piece care kit is specially designed to help maintain your kettle’s tip-top condition.

Richmond Kettle - Care Kit