The perfect marriage of

Classic & Contemporary
Hand-crafted Edwardian Copper and Chrome Kettles
Richmond Kettles - Traditional Copper Kettle
Traditional Solid Copper


Richmond Kettles - Traditional Chrome Kettle
Mirror Chrome Finish

Early 20th-century British design...

…for the kitchens of the 21st

Hand-crafted by expert craftsmen using Edwardian methods

Our heritage

The Richmond Kettle Company is built on the Indian tea-producing history of CEO Graham Tweed, and our desire to recognise the heritage, traditions and passions of British manufacturing.

Our kettles are hand-made in England by the finest, most experienced craftsmen, who employ the same kettle spinning methods that have been in use since Edwardian times and have been passed down through the generations.

Every single kettle we sell is special and unique. By being hand-spun, each one has its own DNA, while each model features a different whistle that sings melodiously as it comes to the boil.

That’s why our kettles are long-lasting, much-loved parts of kitchens all over the world, including those of royal family members in the United Kingdom and Dubai.

Richmond Kettles - Hand Crafted

Our elegant kettle collections

Richmond Heritage - No 7

Traditional Solid Copper

“The classic look that never goes out of style.”

Our solid copper kettles conjure up evocative visions of a quintessential English tea party in the early 20th century. They’re the ideal complement to a classic gas stove, but look just as good on electric and ceramic stove-tops, too.

Richmond Heritage - No 2

Mirror Chrome Plated

“The style of the old, with the feel of the new.”

Our full range of mirror chrome-plated kettles capture a perfect blend of traditional design and contemporary finish. Hand-spun and lined in pure tin, they add a touch of shimmer to every modern kitchen environment.

Traditional Copper

Chrome Plated

Sometimes the old ways are the best...

“The art of metal spinning has been passed down through generations and is an increasingly rare skill. The artisan techniques we employ have remained unchanged for over 100 years. Since the establishment of the innovative Edwardian kettle design, the only thing that’s changed is the hands of the craftsmen.”

Graham Tweed – CEO

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— Edith Wharton, The Age of Innocence (1920)

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