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Christmas, Royal Engagements, Reviews and New Kettles!

With Christmas fast approaching, the long nights and chilly days we are cheered and delighted to have received a wonderful review of our kettles by ‘The Proper Bostonian’.

We have worked extremely hard here at Richmond over the past 10 months to ensure we are offering the very best, solid copper, handmade, seam-free kettle available.

The review was welcomed and makes all the tweaks, changes and hard work worthwhile. It also means we have accomplished our goal.

An exert from the article is shown below as a comprehensive, unbiased review may help with your decision making:

In a nutshell:

I think the Richmond is a terrific kettle, and I recommend it. It has features that I feel improve upon the Simplex’s design. According to the manufacturer, in England, Richmond kettles have been evolving and improving with small but telling tweaks made over the past year. Judging from my most recent kettle, I’d say they’ve definitely got it right. Their chrome plated kettle is louder, sturdier, and has a more elegant, Edwardian-style look than my original 2007 Simplex.

Read the full review, especially if you are undecided about which make kettle to buy.

The other good news is, of course, the Royal Engagement of HRH Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. In celebration of this we have produced 100 limited Edition, Silver plated over solid copper kettles, and they are just beautiful! I know this as I have the prototype here on my desk.

Other exciting news here is that I also have prototypes for 3 additional models to add to our range. The first is the new ‘Beehive’. This will be available in copper or chrome for both electric and gas stoves.

Next is the Induction Kettle – in copper only.

Lastly, the ‘Dome’ kettle This is also available in copper or chrome for both electric and gas stoves.

All 5 of our main kettles, No’s 1/2/3/4 and the Jubilee are all in stock, ready to despatch in time for Christmas. For those of you holding your breath for the ‘Care Kits’ … we are nearly there, it is simply a shipping issue that should be cleared up very soon.

We also have a fabulous Richmond Tea Towel in wonderful quality cotton due in stock any day, pictures will be on our website and Facebook page soon.

Finally, Richmond would like to wish each and every one of you, our wonderful readers the very best of Seasons Greetings and we look forward to sharing with you again in 2018!