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A Unique Gift For The Important Lady In Your Life This Mother’s Day…



Celebrated almost everywhere in the world, Mother’s Day is one of those special events on the calendar that is celebrated around the world.
This celebration honours Mothers and Motherhood across the globe, not always on the same date and sometimes celebrating simply ‘Mother Earth’ or ‘Mother Church’.
Mothering Sunday though is universal in that the act of Mothering is to be celebrated and in the UK  falls on March 11th this year.

Here in the UK, typically we try to make the day a special day for our Mothers.

In America it seems to have all started with Ann Reeves Jarvis who was a social activist, she was founder of Mothers’Day Work Clubs. Ann had a friend called Julia Ward Howe, who had first advocated in 1870 for the idea of a Mother’s Day as a call for mothers throughout the world to work together for peace.
The celebration of Motherhood was at the core of creating the idea of recognising, appreciating and celebrating at least one day in the year all that being a mother represents.

There cannot be a more special start to the day than perhaps Breakfast in Bed accompanied by a lovely cup of tea.
Whilst Ann Jarvis did not like commercialism, I think she too would be in favour of a nice cup of tea to start the
day. Such an easy pleasant way to start a day, just one of those simple moments we can share with a loved one.
Life is all about the moments.

The moment our kettles whistle leads to the moment you enjoy a break, share time with friends and family and a hundred other moments, savour each one – At Richmond, we believe we make the finest ‘Copper Tea Kettles’.
The perfect way to start the day and it all starts with how we prepare the tea, boiling the water in a hand-made copper tea kettle is the best!

Using less energy and creating a better flavour too. Our kettle designs have a place in any kitchen.

We are pleased to present our Richmond Kettle Company Collection, helping people enjoy lifes’ little moments… in style!

We at Richmond Kettle Company would like to take the opportunity to wish all Mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day.

New Product Feature – Richmond Traditional Lassi Cup

Lassi is a reference to a popular yoghurt-based drink from India. The flavours of the lassi drink vary by city, region, health benefit and personal taste. Typical recipes include blends of yoghurt, water, spices and occasionally fruit. Traditionally, a lassi (or salted lassi) is a savoury drink often flavoured with cumin. Sweet lassi drinks have become increasingly popular and there are many variations adding in blends of fruits, sugar and honey.


Historically, the lassi drink was served in hand-crafted brass cups – carved, engraved and moulded into unique designs. Brass is a copper alloy so in a similar way to our copper kettles heating up quickly, these intricate cups get cool quickly and stay cool. Lassi drinks have been coined ‘the ancient smoothie’, dating back to around 1000BC. We find it fascinating that such an ancient tradition sits so comfortably within our society of modern healthy eating initiatives that we wanted to celebrate it.


Our Richmond Traditional Lassi Cups are hand-crafted from solid copper and lined with stainless steel. Working with copper is in our heritage, but its natural properties are what make it perfect for a lassi cup. We have added a stainless steel lining to give the cup longevity, a premium weighted feel and allow for perfect flavour from your chosen drink. Uniting the ancient shape and concept with a modern geometric style; our cups are a celebration of old meets new.


Copper cups have been used across many cultures for centuries but in recent years they have become most popular as a vessel for the famous Moscow Mule cocktail. Our lassi cup can be used as a decorative feature or vase, but its best use of course is also a cold drinks vessel. For best results, place in the freezer for up to 1 hour before use. This will ensure your refreshing drink of choice stays perfectly cool. The Richmond Traditional Lassi Cup is the perfect companion for smoothies, iced teas and cocktails – we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. You can see our product listing for Richmond Traditional Lassi Cup for further details.