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Cream Teas – A Great British Tradition – And Your Chance To Win A Tea Towel!

Summer is here, British schools have just closed for the 6-weeks holidays and the crowds are already flocking to the seaside to relax and enjoy family time together. Two popular counties where you can find many holidaymakers are Devon and Cornwall. Both have beautiful coves, beaches and crystal clear sea water with coasts to both North and South of the counties. Although renowned for surfing and gorgeous sunsets they are both home of a very British tradition – the Cream Tea.
A cream tea is a form of afternoon tea that consists of tea taken with a combination of scones, clotted cream and jam. History suggests that the tradition of eating bread with cream dates back to the eleventh century at Tavistock Abbey in Devon but finding a cream tea as an item on the menu of quaint, local tearooms belongs to the 20th Century. Perhaps the tearooms were inspired by Richmond’s wonderful tea kettles?
In the past, there has been a subtle difference in the type of bread used – Cornwall Cream Teas were served with a type of slightly sweet white bread roll, known as a “Cornish Split” rather than a scone. Nowadays, the consensus has been the scone but the burning question – and one that is often discussed and mused over – is which do you spread first, the jam or the cream? In Devon, locals prefer to split their scone and cover each side with clotted cream and then add the jam on top(a Devonshire Cream Tea). Whereas, in Cornwall, locals prefer to split the scone, spread with jam(usually strawberry) and finally top it all off with a spoonful of clotted cream(Cornish Cream Tea).
Either way, at Richmond Kettle Company, we know that any combination of lovely scones, jam and cream will be better off accompanied by a beautiful pot of freshly brewed tea boiled by a handmade Richmond Copper Kettle!
With this in mind, it’s Competition Time – here’s your chance to win one of our wonderful Richmond Tea Towels via our Facebook page. All you have to do is post a picture with your Richmond Kettle and share the photo to our page. The three we feel best capture the essence of Summer and Richmond Kettles will receive a Richmond Kettle Company Tea Towel before they go on general sale. Competition closes on Friday 10th August, 2018 and a winners will be announced on Wednesday 15th August, 2018.

Weddings, Windsor and wishes

First of all, many congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their baby boy, a new addition to the Royal family, to be closely followed by another addition by marriage in less than a month’s time.
Celebration time
The Royal wedding is fast approaching; at the time of writing this there is less than 4 weeks before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get married at the royal Chapel at Windsor Castle on May 19th.
while most of us will be watching from our sofas the elite few who are in the royal inner circle, will have been made aware of a wedding gift list, whereas the couple have asked for donations to non-profit charities from the rest of the 600 or so invited to the celebrations.
After the ceremony the Bride and Groom will leave Windsor castle for a carriage ride through Windsor while the congregation await the happy couple in St George’s Hall, for the first of two receptions.
The first, more formal afternoon reception for some 600 guests, will be hosted by the Queen. The 180-ft long room, traditionally used for state banquets, seats up to 162 people and was redesigned in a modern Gothic style – with walls lined with suits of armour – following the fire at the castle in 1992.
The second evening reception, for 200 close friends and family, will be thrown at Frogmore House by the Prince of Wales.
Standing about half a mile south of Windsor Castle in Windsor Home Park, Frogmore House has been a Royal Residence since 1792.

We here at Richmond Kettles think that one of our tea kettles would make a wonderful wedding gift, or a copper tea kettle for a copper anniversary- seven years for those that didn’t know, so if there were any ‘itches’ then perhaps they could be discussed with a great tasting cup of tea, made from a Richmond Kettle!